‘Work on organization, emphasis on local issues’ – Congress preparing for Karnataka model in MP. Congress Keen on Building Cadre, Karnataka Model in Play

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Scams, unemployment, and unfulfilled promises

the quint Talking to PTI, a source in the Congress party said that preparations to ‘expose’ the BJP’s antics are almost complete and within a month the party will take it to the public.

Party insiders say that ahead of the MP assembly elections, they will take steps to reach out to the public through social media and door-to-door campaign, with “factual information” about these alleged scams, wrongdoings and fraudulent activities. Will provide what is revealed from the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) reports, Lokayukta’s actions and other sources.

Significantly, in the 2022 report of the State CAG, a big scam has been revealed in the nutrition program run by the department under the control of CM Chouhan. The objective of the program is to provide ‘nutritious food’ to about 49 lakh registered children and women.

Investigation revealed that the documents showed the transportation of thousands of kilograms of food by trucks, the cost of which is in crores. However, on further investigation, it was found that the trucks whose numbers are mentioned in the departmental papers are actually motorcycles, autos, cars and tankers.

It was also revealed in the same report that ration worth crores of rupees was distributed in the name of children who allegedly did not go to school.

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