Threat to Salman Khan: Threat to Salman Khan’s life, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi threatens to break his ego

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Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi is in tremendous headlines. Once again he has threatened to kill Salman Khan. This time Lawrence has told his last goal to kill Salman.

Salman Khan: Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi is in tremendous headlines these days. The gangster has given another interview from jail. He has made such claims from inside the jail that even you will be surprised to hear this. Lawrence Bishnoi has once again threatened to kill Salman Khan. Not only this, the gangster has also made a shocking claim regarding the presence of the phone. Lawrence has also told the way to forgive Salman. Let’s take a look at what Lawrence has said this time, which is going viral on all social media platforms.

Regarding Salman Khan, Lawrence said that he would have to apologise. If he goes to the Bikaner temple of his Bishnoi community and apologizes, he will be forgiven. Lawrence also claimed that he had not yet become a punk. He can become a goon after killing Salman Khan. Not only this, Lawrence says that the ultimate goal of his life is to kill Salman Khan. The gangster has given an open warning to kill Salman after the security is removed.

gangster wants to kill salman khan

Bishnoi says that since 4 to 5 years he wants to kill Salman Khan. Even in the new interview, Lawrence was stuck on the point of killing Salman Khan. He said that Salman Khan’s ego is like that of Ravana. Ego kills people. King Ravana’s ego was also gone. If Salman’s ego is bigger than Ravana, he will be saved. Bishnoi also told that he had conveyed his point to Salman through the Mumbai Police. Regarding Sidhu Musewala, Lawrence said that his ego was also high.

Lawrence made a shocking claim regarding the availability of the phone

Lawrence Bishnoi has made a shocking disclosure about the availability of phones in the jail that phones are thrown inside the wall in the jail. He says that he wants to get out of jail. Referring to UP, Lawrence said that earlier criminals used to get protection in UP. But, now bulldozers run on people’s houses. At the moment, all the claims of Lawrence Bishnoi really make us think that how can a criminal get such an exemption.

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