The excellent Backbone One controller is $30 off in this Prime Day deal

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The Backbone One controller for iPhone is an awesome device. While not the first accessory to turn your phone into a little game console, of sorts, it’s the best one currently available, if you ask me. And now, as part of an Amazon Lightning Deal during Prime Day 2022, you can get one for $69.99 instead of its usual $99.99 price. The controller and its free companion software work with phones going back to the iPhone 6S, and the adapter included in the box lets even the biggest iPhones fit snugly.

A few other things that I like about the Backbone One include its slick design, the 3.5mm audio passthrough port (sometimes, wired listening is the preferred option), as well as a robust app that makes using the Backbone feel like a console. It includes a button for taking screen captures, and its iOS integration is surprisingly deep. Here’s our review.

Backbone One iPhone controller

The Backbone One mobile controller can connect to iPhones as far back as the 6S generation through the Lightning port. It’s a fully featured controller complete with dual analog sticks, a headphone jack, and its own software for capturing screenshots and connecting to game streaming services.

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