"talk or else you will get a shock"Salman Khan threatened in the name of Goldie Brar

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Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been threatened through e-mail in the name of Goldie Brar. Mumbai Police has registered an FIR against jailed gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi, Goldy Brar and one Mohit Garg for sending threatening emails to Salman Khan. Salman received this e-mail on Saturday, March 18. This complaint was made by the actor’s manager and close friend Prashant Gunjalkar.

According to the FIR registered by the Bandra Police, the threat mail was sent on the afternoon of Saturday, March 18, to the email address used by Salman Khan’s office.

“Goldie Brar wants to talk to Salman Khan”

The email sent from the ID of Mohit Garg said, “Goldie Bhai (Goldie Brar) ko baat karni hai tere boss Salman se. He must have seen the interview (of Lawrence Bishnoi), he might not have seen it, so he will see it. If you want to close the matter then get it done, if you want to do face to face then tell that. Now I have informed in time, next time only shock will be seen.

It has been said in the email that Goldie Brar wants to talk to Salman Khan. It also mentions the recent interview of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. In that interview, Bishnoi is threatening to kill Salman Khan right in front of the camera. The email said that if the actor wanted to close the case, he should have a “face-to-face” talk with Brar. The email also warns of “consequences” if the instructions are not followed.

Even before this, Salman Khan has received threats

This is not the first time that the Bishnoi gang has targeted Salman Khan. In June last year, a threat letter was left at the Bandra Bandstand where Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan was out on a walk. The threatening letter claimed that the actor would meet the same fate as singer Sidhu Musewala. An FIR was also registered in that case. The Bishnoi gang was involved in the murder of Musewala last year.

The Bishnoi community regards the blackbuck as a sacred animal and the Bishnoi gang has been behind Salman Khan ever since he was involved in a controversy for allegedly killing a blackbuck during the shooting of a film in 1998.

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