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Why did Namboodiripad forgive Nehru?

Gopal Krishna Gandhi telegraph I have written an article remembering EMS Namboodiripad on his death anniversary. He writes that Kshama Veerasya Bhushanam means forgiveness is the jewel of brave men. It is about the reactions of Namboodiripad after the dismissal of the first communist government in the country. When the communist government was formed in Kerala in 1957, it was an event that attracted the attention of the world. The reputation of this government was built as a democratically elected communist government. This incident took place despite the Congress, the party fighting the freedom struggle, being in power at the centre. After coming to power, the Namboodiripad government did a lot of work on land reform. However, in 1959, the Nehru government dismissed the Namboodiripad government as a failure. Then Namboodiripad was 50 years old and Pandit Nehru was 70 years old.

Gopal Krishna Gandhi writes that when journalists asked EMS Namboodiripad after the dismissal of the Kerala government, would you call Nehru’s government a spectacular failure? Then Namboodiripad did not answer it. Referring to this, he wrote, “It would be wrong to do so if a very simple answer was given despite the many achievements of the government”. Namboodiripad mentioned three achievements of the Nehru government. The first achievement is the non-aligned attitude at the international level, the second achievement is the five-year plan and the third is the adoption of secular form in the personality building of the country. The author has quoted from published material that Namboodiripad had said that how can these achievements be denied?

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