Strike of electricity employees in UP ends after 65 hours, agreement made with Energy Minister

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The strike of the electricity workers in UP has ended after about 65 hours. The Sangharsh Samiti announced to end the strike a day in advance. The committee had announced a boycott of work for 72 hours, which was ended after the assurance of the government. After the end of the strike, the Energy Minister has asked the office bearers of the struggle committee to start the power supply as soon as possible. Let us know what assurance has been received from the government. What was their demand?

What assurance did the employees get from the government?

The Energy Minister told that whatever the demands or feelings of the employee organizations are. Will try to reach meaningful results by talking on all of them. Along with this, instructions have been given to withdraw the action taken on the employees during this agitation.

After the meeting, the power workers announced to end the strike and asked to go back to work. It has been assured from the government that the government will take back all the 3000 people who were evicted, ESMA was imposed on 22 people, cases were filed against 29 people.

Why were the workers on strike?

According to the Electricity Workers Joint Struggle Committee, on December 3, 2022, an agreement was reached between the Yogi government and the electricians. In which agreement was reached on many points.

  • Chairman and Managing Director of Energy Corporations to be selected by the committee.

  • Ordering of time bound pay scales of three promotion posts.

  • Power Sector Employees Protection Act to be implemented for electricity workers.

  • Privatization of power generation units.

  • Unlawful selection of Energy Corporation Chairman.

  • Demand to withdraw electricity supply contract from private companies in cities like Noida.

  • Disagreement over giving new power generation units of Obra and Anpara to NTPC.

  • Several other points were included, including discontinuing the outsourcing of operation and maintenance of power substations.

On behalf of the government, Energy Minister AK Sharma had asked for 15 days time to implement the points of the agreement. Now it has been more than three months, but the agreement has not been implemented. That’s why this movement started.

What is the demand for employees?

  • Electricity workers should get the facility of cashless treatment.

  • Bonus pending for many years should be paid.

  • The order for privatization of transformer workshop should be withdrawn.

  • The decision to run 746/400/220 KV power sub-stations through outsourcing should be cancelled.

  • Privatization of Agra Franchisee and Greater Noida should be cancelled.

  • Power Sector Employees Protection Act should be implemented.

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