Sonali Kulkarni apologized for calling Indian women lazy

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Recently, a video of actress Sonali Kulkarni went viral in which she called girls lazy. At the same time, after the video went viral, Sonali came under the trolls’ target. Not only this, Urfi Javed also gave his reaction regarding his statement. At the same time, after trolling, Sonali has now apologized for this comment on Instagram and has issued a statement. Sonali wrote-

She further wrote, “I am trying to think, support and share warmth not only with women in my capacity, but with the entire human race. It will be stronger only when we women are fair with our weaknesses and wisdom.” And we will come forward competently. We are inclusive and we will be able to create a healthier, happier place for empathetic living.”

Sonali Kulkarni gave a statement in an invite

Let us tell you that, recently a video of Sonali Kulkarni went viral, in which she said that “many girls in India are lazy. They want a boyfriend or a husband who has a good job. Who has a house. The one who knows that he is going to get increments. But that girl does not have the courage to say what I will do when you marry me.”

She further said, “I want to appeal to all of you to create such girls, such women in your house who are capable, who can earn for themselves. Who can say that we should get a new fridge at home. If there is, then you give half the money and I will give half the money. I am not talking about quarrels.

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