Shahnaz Gill trolled for kissing Sara Ali Khan forcefully, you will also be surprised to see the video

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Saar Ali Khan is going to be seen in the upcoming episode of Shahnaz Gill’s show. Earlier, a video of the actress has surfaced from the set of Desi Bibbs. In this, Shahnaz did something with the actress, which her fans are not liking.

Sara Ali Khan and Shehnaaz Gill: Shahnaz Gill remains in discussion about her show Desi Vibes with Shahnaz. Kapil Sharma was seen in the latest episode of his show. Now in the upcoming episode of Shahnaz, Sara Ali Khan is going to be seen doubling the fun. Earlier, Shahnaz shared a video with her fans on Instagram. In this, she is seen having fun with Sara. The fans of the actress are liking her doing this, but seeing this post of her, people are also trolling her. Let us know what Shahnaz has done this time, which has come under the target of the trollers.

Shahnaz Gill seen with Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan and Shahnaz Gill are going to be seen together. The excitement of the fans of both has also increased a lot. Shahnaz-Sara shared a video on Instagram. It was written in the caption that knock knock. Now let’s talk about what Shahnaz and Sara are seen doing. Shahnaz played her popular game Knock Knock with Sara. It is seen in the video that Shahnaz knocked to call Sara. After this Sara sang the song Kundi Mat Khatkao Raja. Later, Shahnaz kisses Sara by putting a veil. After exiting the screen, Shehnaaz was heard saying that my entire lipstick has gone bad. However, Sara is shocked to see all this.

Users are commenting like this on Shahnaz’s actions

The fans of the actress did not like Shahnaz doing this with Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan. During this, Sara was seen in pink color one shoulder Thai high slit dress. At the same time, Shahnaz Gill is looking beautiful in a red color dress. People are also liking their bond a lot. Users are also giving amazing feedback in the comments of this post. One user wrote that what kind of love story is this between the king and the queen. Another said, I am watching the video only because of Sara. Another wrote that Shahnaz has not done well with Sara. This video of the actress has become very popular on social media.

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