Shah Rukh Khan was very possessive about Gauri Khan’s clothes, SRK’s wife broke the relationship

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The love story of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan is very interesting. Although very few people know that at one time Gauri had separated from Shahrukh. Read this story between Gauri and Shahrukh’s love story…

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan: Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are seen as the perfect couple. King Khan rules the hearts of people with his acting. At the same time, Gauri Khan is also a part of the headlines. Shahrukh’s love for his wife is also evident to the world. SRK has also told his love story in many interviews. But, perhaps you would not know that Shahrukh is very possessive about his wife. This was revealed by Gauri herself in an interview. During this Shahrukh was also present with him. Let us know why Gauri Khan wanted to separate from Shahrukh.

Gauri Khan told that Shahrukh was very possessive about me in the beginning. At times I felt that he was mentally ill. Shahrukh had also refused me to wear a white colored top as it is too transparent. Not only this, Shahrukh Khan did not even allow him to wear short dress. Gauri did not even like these things of SRK.

Gauri was upset with Shahrukh’s antics

Shahrukh Khan also agreed with Gauri’s words and said that I was too possessive about Gauri. I also felt jealous when she used to talk to someone on the phone. Very few people know that upset with these antics of Shahrukh, Gauri had also broken the relationship with him. Yes, Shah Rukh’s possessive behavior made Gauri very upset. She had separated from Bollywood’s king Shahrukh. After this, Shahrukh went to Mumbai to persuade Gauri. The love story of both is quite interesting. Shahrukh and Gauri come from different religions. For this reason, the families of both were against their relationship. Eventually the families of both agreed to their marriage. Then in the year 1991, Shahrukh and Gauri got married, since then till now there has been a deep relationship of love between the two.

shahrukh khan workfront

Talking about King Khan’s workfront, after four years his film Pathan has become a superhit on the big screen. Now he is in discussion about his upcoming film Danki Aur Jawan. Most of the craze is being seen about his young film. It is also being said that this film of his is going to be a big hit like Pathan.

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