Sanskrit learning workshop in Varanasi, people are learning language in 14 days

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“Teach us to speak Sanskrit in simple language”

“Students of Sanskrit School” A male name Told that speaking Sanskrit is taught very well here. First, simple colloquial language is taught. We have a concept that Sanskrit is a difficult language. But here we are taught Sanskrit in simple words, in simple language, in colloquial language with constant effort. I have started speaking Sanskrit language in 4 days only”. Teacher Anuj Kumar Tiwari told that first of all we tell the language of common conversation in Sanskrit. What is your name. Where do you come from and everyone tries this continuously. After that they tell how to read sanskrit and tell the grammar of sanskrit.Students have to do 5 classes in a day.

The goal is to make India a world leader

Head of education, Yajnarayan Pandey teaches speaking Sanskrit in 14 days under Sanskrit Bharti in our dialogues. Just as small children do not go to school but learn to speak from the environment. Similarly, we also give the environment of Sanskrit grammar. Everyone here talks in Sanskrit, so they learn quickly. Any student who comes here will stay here for 14 days. The aim of Sanskrit Bharti is that more and more people in India should speak Sanskrit and India should once again become a world guru.

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