Razer’s Stream Controller takes on the Stream Deck for $269.99

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Razer is going head to head with Elgato’s Stream Deck with the launch of its new Stream Controller. The $269.99 touchscreen device is designed to sit on a desk alongside a keyboard and allow content creators — or anyone, really — to quickly launch shortcuts and control hardware and software on a PC.

If you’re a regular Twitch viewer, chances are the streamer you’re watching is using Elgato’s Stream Deck to control every aspect of their stream. The Stream Deck has become so popular in the streaming world that Elgato has even launched a pedal so you can control your PC with your feet. Razer now wants to be part of this side of PC gaming with the Stream Controller.

Razer’s Stream Controller has dials to control audio.
Image: Razer

Razer’s Stream Controller is designed primarily for live content creation, with 12 haptic LCD touchscreen keys and three tactile analog dials on either side of the screen. There are also eight programmable buttons at the bottom that can be used to toggle between different layouts or launch commands. These additional dials really separate it from the Stream Deck, which is essentially one big LCD screen with customizable tactile buttons.

The main 12 switchblade keys on Razer’s Stream Controller can be programmed to trigger commands or macros, with customizable icons and the ability to adjust the haptic feedback you get from pressing a touchscreen key. The analog dials are designed for adjusting audio levels for your mic, music, and more. You can also use swipe gestures to access more keys.

If all of this looks familiar, it’s because Razer has partnered with Loupedeck to make the Stream Controller. It’s essentially a rebranded version of the Loupedeck Live, and it’s all powered by Loupedeck’s own software — not Razer’s Synapse. The Stream Controller will work with both macOS and Windows.

How the Stream Controller interface works.
Image: Razer

If you’re interested in using this for more than just streaming, there will be native plug-ins for apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and After Effects. Naturally, you’ll also be able to control Philips Hue lights or Spotify using the Stream Controller. Where things get interesting on the software side is the ability to automatically switch profiles based on your active application. If you open up Photoshop, you could get the Stream Controller to display a bunch of shortcuts and quick access to tools. Once you switch back to OBS, all of your Twitch stream controls come back instantly.

Loupedeck has already impressed with its editing consoles for creatives, and with Razer’s backing, the Stream Controller looks like an intriguing alternative to the Stream Deck. Preorders for the $269.99 Stream Controller start today, and Razer says the device will ship at some point this fall.

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