ODI cricket in Danger

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Apart from this, many experts have expressed concern about ODI cricket. This concern of experts seems to be justified because such discussions did not start overnight, but have been happening for the last few years and some reasons are clearly visible behind this.

1. Expansion of T20 Cricket: Every major cricketing country in the world now has its own T20 league. Compared to earlier, now T20s have started happening a lot and results are also available in 3 hours and that too with excitement. That’s why the viewer does not like to sit and watch the match for 7 hours instead of 3 hours. It can be understood as a 3 hour film.

2. Lack of aggression:Everyone feels good if Rohit hits 264 runs in ODI but it is true that Rohit cannot be so aggressive in every ODI. In this, circumstances have to be played favourably. Sometimes the run rate in the middle overs stops completely, whereas in T20 there is no option, you have to play big shots, be aggressive with the bat, and people like that too.

Apart from this, flat pitch, spinners taking more wickets, and swing gradually decreasing, all these reasons are also boring people.

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