MC Stans show: Bigg Boss 16 winner MC Stan’s Indore live concert cancelled, case filed against Karni Sena: Karni Sena faced huge consequences for opposing Bigg Boss 16 winner MC Stan case filed

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“It will not work in Indore”, Karni Sena activists said by climbing on the stage

During the protest, 10-15 people of Karni Sena climbed on the stage. Taking the mike in hand, he first raised slogans of Jai Siyaram. He asked the fans of MC Estan in which hotel the rapper stayed. When some people told the name of the hotel, pointing towards the fans, they said that you are really their fan. If you want to see him being beaten up, reach the hotel, we are also reaching there.

Case filed against Karni Sena workers

According to RS Dandotia, sub-inspector of Lasudia police station, on the complaint of the hotel’s security guard Lakshminarayan’s father Bhagwan Das, the police have registered a case against Karni Sena’s Digvijay Singh, Raja Singh and others. Lakshminarayan told the police that MC Stan’s program had started at 8.30 pm on Friday night, after which these people of Karni Sena came and created ruckus. During this, MC Steyn left from there. The people of Karni Sena created a ruckus in the hotel. Abused and broke pots too. After the written complaint, the police have registered a case against two named and others.

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