Kuwait restores previous parliament, court cancels 2022 National Assembly Kuwait parliament 2020 restored court cancels 2022 National Assembly

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The Constitutional Court of Kuwait on Sunday canceled the National Assembly of 2022 and reinstated the Parliament of 2020. The media gave this information.

The decision went into effect immediately and members of the previous parliament, including speaker Marzouk al-Ghanem, took office, Xinhua news agency quoted the Kuwait News Agency (QNA) as saying.

The decision came after the Constitutional Court ruled that the election process in all five electoral districts in September 2021 was null and void.

According to QNA, in December last year the Constitutional Court suspended its investigation into appeals filed by several electoral districts against the parliamentary election results.

In January, the then Kuwaiti cabinet resigned following a standoff between the government and the opposition-led parliament over financial relief policies. Earlier this month, the court had announced that it would pronounce the verdict on the election appeals on March 19.

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