Hansika Motwani’s mother demands money from son-in-law Sohail in marriage, know the reason behind it

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The marriage of actress Hansika Motwani was in the news a lot. Now the latest episode of the web series based on the marriage of the actress has come into limelight. It was revealed that due to a specific reason, Hansika’s mother had demanded five lakh rupees from the groom’s family. Read the reason behind this…

Hansika Motwani Mother: Hansika Motwani has made her special identity from TV industry to Bollywood. The actress is often in the headlines of the media as well. Last year, there was a lot of discussion about the marriage of both of them. The couple took seven rounds at the Mundot Palace in Rajasthan and swore to live and die with each other. Not only this, the actress presented all the moments of her marriage among the fans in the form of a web series. Hansika named it Love Shaadi Drama. Some funny stories are seen in its every episode. Now in the latest episode of this series of the actress, the demand of her mother Mona Motwani, which she made to the groom’s family, has been revealed.

Hansika’s mother made this demand from the groom’s family

The wedding rituals of Hansika and Sohail were completed in a very special way. But, the mother of actress Hansika Motwani expressed her displeasure. Actually, Mona Motwani said that the Kathuria family reaches the wedding rituals very late. At the same time, the people of Motwani family are punctual. In such a situation, the mother of the actress placed a strange condition regarding the day of marriage. He said that if you delay even a little bit on the wedding day, then you will have to pay me five lakh rupees for every minute. Hansika’s mother has also told the reason behind this. They say that the time from 4:30 to 6 pm is inauspicious. For this reason they requested that the groom’s family should come a little early.

Hansika Motwani was broken with happiness

In the latest episode, Hansika also shared how she felt seeing Sohail waiting at the mandap. The actress said that this impressed me a lot and seeing Sohail in the mandap, I felt as if I was marrying the love of my life. He further said, that feeling was very good for me. Things are really happening. I am getting married I myself do not know in what words to express my happiness. Everything was new and different. Seeing all this, I was overwhelmed with happiness.

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