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50 years of Chipko Movement

by Ramachandra Guha telegraph I have written an article on the completion of 50 years of the Chipko movement. On March 27, 1973, a group of farmers started this movement at the mandal level in a village in the upper Alaknanda valley. This movement was started in a non-violent way by sticking to the tree. This movement gave a feeling of community dominance over water, forest and land.

The finger pointed at the western development model based on energy, capital and resources, reconnected us to the understanding of community and environment-centred development during the freedom movement. It realized that both the country and the citizens should bring reforms in public policies and practices.

After 50 years, the Chipko movement shows the need to reconsider the seriousness of climate change. Droughts, sea storms, floods and forest fires have become more frightening. In countries like India, the ill effect of the deteriorating environment is more on the poor. The people of Singrauli, who are providing electricity to Delhi, do not have electricity themselves. They are cursed to live in dark and poisonous environment. The Chipko movement gives us the message that we should respect nature by staying within our limits.

talk to amritpal

Tavleen Singh democracy In his article written in 1980s, he reminded me of the struggle for Khalistan. Reminding him of meeting Jagjit Singh Chauhan at London’s Paddington station and the fake passport of Khalistan, he has written that even then Khalistan had no support in Punjab.

The supporters of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala were also limited to the Golden Temple. There was no Khalistan supporter outside him. Even today there are supporters of Amritpal Singh but not of Khalistan. Despite this, the media is doing the work of giving air to Khalistan by calling Amritpal Singh a supporter of ISI without proof. The behavior of the government is also under question.

Then if talks were held with him, if he was given a place in politics, then probably the situation would not have been serious. Even today, assumptions are being made about Amritpal without thinking. Amritpal’s father raises the question that why didn’t the government arrest Amritpal from his house? Why was Amritpal given a chance to run away? The author believes that it would have been better if the messengers of the government had talked to Amritpal. This issue can be resolved through talks.

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