Gorakhnath temple attacked Ali Murtaza sentenced to death by NIA court

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Let me tell you, according to the case diary, Murtaza Ahmed tried to enter the Gorakhnath temple. He suddenly attacked the PAC jawan posted in the security of the temple from Banke and snatched away the weapon. The PAC jawan was badly injured in this incident. In the meantime, the rest of the jawans posted in the security of the temple saw and laid siege and nabbed the accused from the spot.

Who is Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi?

Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi is an alumnus of IIT Mumbai. He grew up in Mumbai and Jamnagar. Belongs to an influential family of Gorakhpur. Her father is a retired legal advisor while her uncle is a renowned doctor in the city.

Abbasi completed his graduation from IIT Mumbai in 2015. According to his family, he then worked in Reliance Petrochemical in Nagothane. However, due to increasing mental illness, he left the job.

Abbasi’s father Muneer Ahmed had told The Quint at the time that after quitting his job, Abbasi became an app developer but could not continue as it was not commercially viable. Abbasi married a girl from Jaunpur in UP in 2019, but the couple separated after a few months.

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