Founder of Australia unit of ‘Overseas Friends of BJP’ accused of raping women

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Balesh Dhankhar has 39 allegations of raping women by giving them intoxicants in the name of getting them jobs, recording their videos. Hearing is going on in these cases. He was reportedly instrumental in organizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reception in Sydney in 2014.

Balesh Dhankhar. (Photo Credits: Twitter/@AamAadmiParty)

New Delhi: In Australia, a person named Balesh Dhankhar has been accused of raping five women by giving them intoxicants on the pretext of getting them jobs. Identity of BaleshOverseas Friends of BJP‘ as one of the founders of the Australia wing of the organization.

The British Daily Mail According to a report in , Dhankhar has 13 charges of rape, six charges related to giving drugs with intent to rape, 17 for recording intimate videos without consent and three cases of indecent assault.

In all, Dhankhar is allegedly accused of 39 crimes between January and October 2018. He was employed with Sydney Trains (the suburban passenger rail network) during the alleged rapes.

The newspaper says that Dhankhar has been trying to ‘suppress his name’ for the last four years. The report states that while out on bail in the case, Dhankhar was hired by Pfizer (pharmacy company) and news channel ABC for a one-year contract as a data visualization consultant from 2019 to 2021.

Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald According to reports, Dhankhar posted a job advertisement for Korean-to-English translation work on the Gumtree site to attract women to the Hilton Hotel bar in Sydney. This hotel is located near his apartment. Police told that this advertisement was a ‘trick’.

They used a ‘very specific modus operandi’ to ensnare the women by committing almost all the rapes in the same hotels, cafes and Korean restaurants.

Authorities claimed that Dhankhar had used a hidden camera in the alarm clock to record the incident while raping the women at the Hilton Hotel. During this time, prosecutors said, they mixed alcohol and other drinks with the sleeping pill Stilnox or the infamous ‘date-rape’ drug Rohypnol.

Police have also allegedly received detailed records that Dhankhar recorded during the alleged attacks.

Dhankhar’s lawyer, Rebecca Mitchell, has accepted that the allegations are disturbing, that he was a “fraud” and that he had a sexual interest in an ethnic group.

The trial is going on against him.

‘The Overseas Friends of BJP’ is a global organization which claims to support the BJP. The wing that Dhankhar had reportedly set up in Australia was reportedly instrumental in organizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reception in Sydney in 2014.

A day earlier, the organization tweeted that Dhankhar had resigned from the organization in 2018. their official website Dhankhar is mentioned as a founding member.

According to media reports, he has often boasted of having access to Modi and has also been sharing his pictures with Modi on social media.

He has spoken at many events on behalf of the Hindu Council of Australia, whose stated mission is to work for a strong, united and active Hindu community in Australia.

The Aam Aadmi Party has tweeted on Dhankhar’s alleged links with Modi.

It was said on behalf of the party, ‘ Modi ji’s precious gem embarrassing India abroad! BJP leader Balesh Dhankhar raped many girls on the pretext of getting them jobs in Australia! If the Australian police had not arrested him, PM Modi would have honored him by calling him to India and giving him a big position.

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