Dips face in wash basin for icing, Urvashi Rautela tells Deepika Padukone – ‘Don’t put your precious face in that sink’

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Recently, Deepika Padukone dropped a BTS video from her skin prep for makeup photoshoot to get ready for the 95th Oscars where the diva made the entire nation proud by attending the Oscars. Deepika shared her skincare prep video on social media, but one thing that bothered Urvashi was Deepika dipping her face in the bathroom sink, which was full of ice. As Deepika dipped her face in a basin filled with ice to prepare her skin before starting her makeup, Urvashi was worried that Deepika dipped her precious face in the basin, to which she commented. And wrote, “Please don’t put your precious face in that sink” lest you get allergic.

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