Chhattisgarh: Pond emptied to get phone, food inspector suspended

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It is the summer season and people of many areas are facing water crisis, but a strange case has come to light in Kanker, Chhattisgarh, where the phone is empty to get what fell in the pond while taking a selfie. Got it done The food inspector who did this feat has been suspended.

It has been told that Pakhanjur in Kanker district has Paralkot reservoir and a large number of people come here to get relief from the heat. Food Inspector Rajesh Vishwas also reached here with his friends. While he was taking a selfie, his precious phone, which is said to be worth about one and a half lakh rupees, got drowned in the water of the pond. Then what was Vishwas upset.

The food inspector along with his friends searched for the phone but they could not retrieve it from the pond, so the next day they engaged operators of fair price shops in the surrounding area and also took the help of divers, even then they were not successful. Didn’t touch, then what was Rajesh Vishwas got a motor installed to empty the water of the pond and the water came out fast. This process went on for about four days and about 6 feet of water in the reservoir was empty, then the divers could get the phone.

Kanker food officer Janmejay Nayak told IANS that Rajesh Biswas, the inspector who emptied the reservoir, has been suspended.

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