‘Breach of privilege motion’ against PM Modi, Akhilesh-Mamta join hands

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1. PM Modi Notice: Congress brought ‘Breach of Privilege’ resolution against Prime Minister Modi

A breach of privilege motion has been brought against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Congress MP KC Venugopal moved this proposal on Friday. Congress has alleged that PM Modi used derogatory language against Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in his speech. KC Venugopal in his notice said,

2. New Political Front: Akhilesh and Mamta join hands for the Lok Sabha elections, agreement on new front

Samajwadi Party and Trinamool Congress have joined hands for the Lok Sabha elections. Amidst the discussions of third front, Mamta Banerjee and Akhilesh Yadav have formed a new front. The special thing is that Congress will not be given entry in this. Both the top leaders have met in Kolkata on Friday (March 17). Mamta Banerjee is also going to meet Odisha Chief Minister and Biju Janata Dal chief Naveen Patnaik next week.

3. Rajasthan: CM Gehlot’s big bet before the elections, announcement of 19 new districts, three new divisions

In the election year in Rajasthan, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is taking big steps one after the other. Ashok Gehlot has fulfilled this demand arising from different areas of the state by announcing creation of 19 new districts and 3 new divisions in the state assembly on Friday, March 17.

This announcement of CM Gehlot is being celebrated as a master stroke before the elections. Political experts believe that the Gehlot government, which is battling mutual quarrels and anti-incumbency wave, can benefit from this. Read the full news here.

4. Global Millets Conference: PM Modi will inaugurate today, representatives of hundred countries are taking part

The two-day ‘Global Millets Conference’ will begin in Delhi on Saturday, March 18. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) will inaugurate this conference. Agriculture ministers, researchers, agricultural scientists and representatives from more than 100 countries will participate in the conference.

India will tell the world about the history and importance of adopting millets as food grains. During this, postage stamps, coins, coffee table books and videos will be released on Sri Anna.

5. Arrest warrant issued against Russian President, what are the charges against Putin?

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes, including the deportation of Ukrainian children. The court has made serious allegations like war crimes against Putin. Along with this, the Russian President is also accused of forcibly taking Ukrainian children to Russia illegally.

At the same time, on this matter, Russia says that the military forces of Russia did not commit any atrocities during the invasion of its neighboring country i.e. Ukraine.

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