Bhalchandra Kulkarni Death: Marathi actor Bhalchandra Kulkarni died at the age of 88

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Let us tell you that Bhalchandra Kulkarni worked in more than 300 films like ‘Jhunjh Tujhe Manjhi’, ‘Hald Rusali Kunku Hasle’, ‘Javachi Jaat’. The song ‘Changbhalan Ram Changbhalan, Deva Jyotiba Changbhalan’ from the 1984 film ‘Kulswamini Ambabai’ became very popular. Whereas Bhalchandra Kulkarni was the director of All India Film Corporation. The Film Corporation honored him with the Chitra Bhushan Award. Janakavi P. He was honored with Savala Ram Award. He was honored with Jeevan Gaurav Award by ‘Brand Kolhapur’. This was his last award.

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